How do you write a letter of motivation?

The structure of a motivation letter is quite flexible and has no uniform requirements. Some general rules are nevertheless to follow for all types of motivation letter.


Each letter of motivation begins with a letterhead containing the contact’s name, address, e-mail or phone number. Particularly important is the salutation. Many senders use “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,” instead of addressing the recipient personally. This shows that the applicants have not been so well informed about the company or internship and its leader, which can create a bad impression. One should not forget that a precise headline arouses interest in the reader. For example, “My aptitude for semester abroad at …” or “Why am I the right one for the position?” Lend clarity and clarity to a motivational letter.


If there are no strict requirements for the structure, the necessary information can be presented according to your wishes. However, you should start with a small entry and in the first sentences immediately make it clear why you are applying for this position and what are your strengths. The “empty” phrases are better to avoid. So the following introductions would fit:

I apply for … because …

In this letter I would like to present the main reasons for the internship at

The program has aroused interest in me because …

Next you describe your qualifications, competences and inclinations. Last but not least, the so-called soft skills, such as team spirit, commitment, stress resistance, tolerance. Continue to fill in the questions we mentioned earlier, and a two-page letter of motivation is created without any worries.


In the final part you show again your joy in work and your strong desire to receive positive feedback. Many use the subjunctive as a courtesy, but it is better to directly express your own hopes and expectations. Instead of “I would be very pleased to receive your answer”, I prefer to say “I am looking forward to your answer”. Of course, the signature must be official, without any other emotional expressions.

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