Write motivation letter – a valuable contribution to your future

The study or the work is a new stage in the life of each person. The application process takes a lot of time, effort and efforts and is often characterized by a daily paperwork routine. A motivation letter for study differs from one for applying for a job. Nevertheless, composing both is a real challenge for many students and employees.

What do you mean by a letter of motivation and what do you need it for?

A letter of motivation is actually part of a CV and gives a candidate the opportunity to clarify certain points of their CV and in particular to emphasize the places that a candidate considers most important. For employers, almost all CVs look the same: prestigious universities, internships abroad, rich experience, language skills, etc. Such a typical ‘experience pool’ is common to all applicants, so it is doubly complicated to get rid of the background. A motivation letter serves the purpose of highlighting one’s own strength and convincing the employer of their own competences. This makes it easy to make an ordinary spreadsheet so attractive and interesting that a candidate gets an invitation to the job interview. To write a substantive and solid letter of motivation, one must first find clear answers to the following main questions:

  • What are my strengths?
  • How does the company benefit when it sets me up?
  • What experience and knowledge can I use at this position?

Why do I want to work here?

If you concentrate on these questions, you can start writing motivation letter as planned. It is recommended to first look at a sample. A good example can give you new ideas and make your own letter of motivation even more precise. You must certainly focus on your qualifications and experience, but the key to an employer is your motivation and aspiration to hold this position. The missing skills or knowledge can be developed and acquired, but you have to understand why? That is why the commitment of a candidate is crucial, and the stronger your assertiveness, the higher your career opportunities. In this context, the biggest challenge is to be as convincing as possible to the employer through the written text.

With each motivation letter help professional ghostwriter

A letter of motivation is not only up-to-date with the search for a job or internship, but also during your studies. For example, you might need a letter of motivation for a Master’s degree abroad. In that case, you have to demonstrate what the stay abroad teaches you and what coursework you can already provide. The language skills sometimes play a crucial role, as between candidates with similar successes one with a good level of language is preferred. The advantage would be an internship in the field, if you have already had such.

Some students believe that they have nothing to do with motivation letters at least until graduation. In the context of a bachelor thesis one might need this knowledge. Imagine that you would like to do an internship with a reputable company and later write a scientific paper on this basis. There are many interested people who also apply for a job. A letter of motivation distinguishes you between the dozens of candidates who simply submit their CVs. In any case, you always have to show your own motivation and willingness to learn.